Why to advertise with us?!

ALT Media Brands is a digital platform driving the future of publishing and performance marketing. We connect buyers and sellers in both consumer and SMB markets.

As a global leader in alternative media niches like personal finance, ALT Media Brands is referenced and syndicated by some of the world’s largest mainstream media brands, including The New York TimesThe Washington PostThe Chicago TribuneMSNBC, and The Guardian. It is also featured on websites like Google NewsYahoo! News, and Reuters.

Most importantly, ALT Media Brands has hundreds of thousands of highly educated readers who earn yearly. It also has a substantial social media presence, with social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for nearly a dozen sites, each with its niche focus and audience.

Our Advertising Services

Native Article

Placing native articles on our authority digital brands is the perfect way to showcase your products or services and reach a broad audience. Also, a native article will generate traffic, SEO juice, and sales for years.

Product & Service Review

A review of your product or service on our digital media brands is the perfect way to show your business to a new audience and generate traffic, backlinks, and sales, as our reviews rank on the 1st pages of Google.

Dedicated Email to List

Dedicated email campaigns to our lists of subscribers are the perfect way to generate leads, traffic, and sales in a matter of days. Take center stage in people’s inboxes and have your product or service right in front of their eyes.

Banner Ads

The easiest way to get our audiences’ exposure, traffic, and sales is to purchase a banner ad. We set up the banners using anti-block tech, meaning that all users will see the banners, even those that installed ad-blockers.

List Sponsor

We create Top 10 list articles where we review, evaluate and rank products and services. Sponsoring a list or an article will put your business in front of everyone interested in these services.

Community Sponsorship

Sponsoring one of our communities will make your company and your services better known by our community. Also, you will earn the trust of our community, meaning more sales and recommendations.

Companies We’ve Proudly Helped

In the last six years, At ALT Media Brands, we have helped over 120 businesses to unleash their true potential to generate leads, customers, and sales through advertising in our network of brands. Here are some of our clients:

WordPress Ecosystem

Monetize.info - MediaDigi Brands
MediaDigi SEO Customers - FSS Global
OutreachBuzz - MediaDigi Brands

Technology & SaaS:

MediaDigi SEO Customers - Propel Venture Partners

Fintech & Crypto:

MediaDigi Customers - NordFX

Affiliate Marketing

Admixer - Advertising Technologies

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