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What sets ALT Media Brands apart is having deep knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in each industry we are involved in. We understand our users’ businesses, purchasing cycles, and behavior needs – delivering the information they want when they need it in the proper format every day.

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Established in 2004, is an award-winning blog that helps bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs better monetize their websites and digital assets. With over 150K readers annually, it is one of the most popular monetization publications focusing on the new creator economy.

  • Verticals: Affiliate Marketing, e-Commerce, Monetizing
  • Launch date:Β Dec 2004
  • Annual Traffic stats: 180K unique visitors, 652K pageviews


TopGold.Forum has been, since 2008, one of the prime online destinations for money makers to discuss crypto trading, investing, and affiliate marketing. We connect with like-minded money-makers from all over the world.

  • Verticals: Alternative Finance, Crypto, Affiliate Marketing
  • Launched: June 2008
  • Annual traffic: 150K unique visitors, 600K page views.
TopGold Forum Awards

TopGold.Forum Awards

TOP Gold Forum Money Making Awards rewards excellence in the global online money-making industry. The awards are regarded by many as some of the most prestigious, significant awards in the money-making industry worldwide.

  • Verticals: Crypto, Affiliate Marketing
  • Launched: June 2021
  • Annual traffic: 15K unique visitors. (The Educational Network) combines the pursuit of exciting and intriguing facts with the innate human desire to rank and list things.Β  BBC and The New York Times have featured us.

  • Verticals: Alternative Education
  • Launch date: May 2018
  • Monthly Traffic stats: 25 000 unique visitors, 45 000 pageviews

Founded in 2018, CyberSecurityMag is an award-winning online publication for people who are interested in cybersecurity. We aim to ensure you learn something new and valuable every day.

  • Verticals: Cybersecurity, Digital Business, Security
  • Launch date: May 2018
  • Anual Traffic stats: 80K unique visitors, 155K pageviews

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