1. Who We Are and What We Do

ALT Media Group is an award-winning international digital media group. We reach more than 1 million global consumers annually and create world-class content and advertising solutions for passionate consumers online, both on desktop and mobile.

My name is Daniel, and with my team at ALT Media Group, we’ve successfully started, managed, and grown 🚀 10+ authority revenue-generating websites in the last four years.

We have a track record of starting or purchasing websites and growing them to generate consistent revenue using low-risk, high-reward SEO strategies and revenue-driven content.

Check below several revenue-generating websites we maintain, grow, and monetize:

Monetize.info - MediaDigi Brands
OutreachBuzz - MediaDigi Brands
TopGoldForum - MediaDigi Brands

The websites above generate a combined yearly yield of around 30% of the initial investment in creating them, while Monetize.info and Gold.Forum generates up to 45% annual yield having a constant growth of 25% of revenue year after year.

2. High Yield Profits From Authorty Websites

There are several top websites in every niche that people visit to get the latest news from the industry, read guides, check offers, do deals with other users, etc. These are established, authority websites that make consistent profits from advertising partnerships, product sales, affiliate commissions, and other arrangements. On top of that, niche authority websites sell for around 30x of the profits they generate monthly. That’s about 2,5 years of future profits.

Generating high-yield rewards by investing in revenue-generating websites was generally available only to companies and individuals with large investment budgets. 

We changed this at DMI and made investments in revenue-generating websites available to small investors like you. By pooling investor funds together, we purchase, grow, manage, and monetize revenue-generating websites and share the profits with the investors generating up to 30% yearly yields.

3. Investment Opportunity

We are looking to raise from interested investors around $100,000 to grow our portfolio of brands. This portfolio of websites can generate 30% of their initial purchase price every year.

The minimum investment per individual is $5000, and the maximum is $20,000 per investor. That’s because we want to create a healthy pool of investors with comparable shares without huge discrepancies.

3.1 Use of funds

The majority of funds will be used to invest in website development and content creation. The working capital would cover the costs before cash flow starts kicking from ad and affiliate marketing networks implemented on the website.

3.2 Income Expectations

We expect a 10-15% growth in the first year, followed by a 15-25% yearly growth. While the mature websites represent less in wild growth percentages, they provide more predictable growth and revenue generation with less risk.

All the profits the portfolio of websites generates will be split with the investors every six months according to the following figures:

  • 50% to us
  • 50% to the investors’ pool

3.3 Plan for Reinvesting Earnings:

Most acquisitions will see 5% of their earnings reinvested into the asset for growth. There could be exceptions where a higher percentage is used up to a 3 to 6-month period to perform high-value work that can create significant ROI potential with minimal risk.

Examples of high-value work that could come up are brand redesigns, conversion rate optimization, valuable partnerships, and significant content production costs.

3.4 Benefits and risks

As you could see there are many benefits of high yield passive income from website investments. Bellow, we will outline them side by side with the associated risks.

Benefits of investing in websites

  • Get a high-yield return that is superior to traditional investing.
  • Secure a long-term passive income as we invest in evergreen niches.
  • Partner with a company that has a money-making proven record.
  • Fight losing money due to inflation and instead grow a digital asset.

Associated Risks

  • Google algorithm updates may lower the monthly traffic.
  • Display ads and affiliate offer commission rate cuts.

To minimize the risks, we use multiple monetization methods, mitigate the traffic on multiple properties, and use only WhiteHat SEO methods.

4. Earning example

As we said above, we plan to raise $100,000 from interested investors and add our share of 30% ($30,000) to come up with $100,000 to acquire a media portfolio of websites. You joined the investor’s pool with $5000, corresponding to 5% shares.

We acquire a website portfolio that generates $4500/mo profits for $90,000. We take 2 months to fix the issues, strategize and start growing the website.

4.1 Yearly revenue

  • In months 3-6 (4 months), managing the portfolio generates $10,000, and we send $6000 (60%) to the investors’ pool. You own a 5% share of the profits so that you will receive a payment of $300.
  • In months 7-10 (4 months), the website starts to grow and generates a total of $14,000, and we send $9100 to the investors’ pool. As you have a share of 5%, you receive a payment of $455.
  • In months 11-14 (4 months), the website starts to grow and generates a total of $14,500, and we send $9425 to the investors’ pool. As you have a share of 5%, you receive a payment of $471.25.
  • In the months 15-18 (4 months), the website starts to grow and generates a total of $14,500, and we send $9425 to the investors’ pool. As you have a share of 5%, you receive a payment of $471.25.
  • This will continue for as long as we keep the portfolio of the website. In one year and a half, you will receive $300 + $455 + $471.25 + $471.25 =  $1697.5.
  • After another year and a half, you will receive at least another $1697, so in 3 years, you would already receive $1697.5 + $1697.5 = $3395. (These are conservative earning figures)

4.2 Selling the asset

After 3 years, the website is now making $6000 every month. We can sell the website for at least 30x monthly profit, which is $180,000. We send 60% of the profits, which is $108,000, to the investors’ pool. As you ow a share of 5%, you will personally receive $5400.

If we add up the monthly revenue you received and the funds from selling the assets you would receive $3395 + $5400 = $8795 on a $5000 investment.

Keep in mind that these are conservatory estimations. We manage websites that doubled or even tripled the earnings in 2-3 years.

4.3 Not yet convinced of the growing potential of digital publishing brands?

Check how the stock price of Future PLC, a leading digital publisher, 10Xed in a little over 3 years and 30Xed in 5 years.

5. Management & Growth Strategy

There will be three main stages of scaling the acquisition: stabilization, growth, and maintenance stages with their own timelines and actions.

MediaDigi works with external contractors for SEO, technical management, and internal staff for monetization, management and reporting, and SEO strategy.

I’ve created and fine-tuned a proven framework to grow revenue-generating websites and transforming them into authority digital brands that generate constant high incomes year after year.

Here are several guides I’ve written that describe some of the steps:

6. Testimonials

7. Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s the team that’s running MediaDigi agency?

We are an international team of passionate digital marketing professionals who put together their digital marketing knowledge. Daniel, MediaDigi’s CEO, is doing digital marketing for over 10 years, helping businesses grow, gain awareness and extend their audience by amplifying valuable revenue-driven content.

How the MediaDigi Investing program works?

In a nutshell, [1] we aim to raise $90K from private investors, add $10K from our own funds and bid on website auctions to purchase 4-5 websites.

[2] After a successful acquisition, we transfer the websites in our portfolio, strategize a growth plan, fix the issues, manage, improve and monetize them.

[3] Every 4 months after we deduct the costs from the revenue, we send 60% of the profits to our investors, for distribution, based on the shares of the funds’ pool they own.

[4] After 3, max 4 years of operation, we will list the digital properties for sale and when a sale occurs we send 60% of the funds we receive to the investors’ pool for distribution. Till the properties are sold you will receive the profit share as usual.

When I will get my principal back?

You will get back your principal right after we sell the digital properties portfolio. To maximize profits we plan to sell the portfolio after 2-4 years of operations. If you request your principal back sooner (but no sooner than six months) we will contact the other investors so they can acquire it.

What is the minimum and maximum investment amount?

The minimum investment is $1000, and the maximum investment is $15,000 per investor. That’s because we want to create a healthy pool of investors with a comparable number of shares, without huge discrepancies.

How can I send and receive payments?

We accept and process payments by bank wire (for amounts higher than $8,000), USDT on TRC20, LTC (when receive it will convert it to USD), and BTC (when receive it will convert it to USD).

Will I be able to see the performance of the portfolio?

Sure. After we acquire the websites we will make available the due diligence details, the purchase decision, and other necessary documents. Every quarter we will send detailed reports with the portfolio performance including traffic figures, revenue details, costs, profits, etc.

What if the performance of the portfolio is poor?

The advantage of revenue-generating website investment is that can be easily scaled up and down.

If we do everything we can to improve its performance yet the website is not performing we will cut the budget and redirect it to other websites from the portfolio that perform better. This way we can improve the overall performance of the portfolio.

Are you a registered company?

Yes, we are a legally registered company in Bucharest, Romania.

Are you available for meetings?

Yes. We can have online meetings on Zoom or Skype or at the company office.

Still have questions. How I can contact you?

You may contact us through the project request form or directly by sending us an email at contact{at}mediadigi.com. We are really passionate about what we are doing and love to tell you more and answer your questions.

If you need more details you may contact us at contact{at}mediadigi.com or by filling the form on the contact us page. We will get back to you in max 2 business days.

8. Invest now

If you are ready to own a fractional share of our website’s portfolio, send us a message and we will contact you with more details.

Please keep in mind that the first auction where there are some undervalued websites with great growth potential will take place on Jul 28 so we should be able to raise an investment round till then.

Start building your passive and diversified portfolio of online businesses.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results and any expected returns on investment disclosed through the investor platform are hypothetical and may not reflect actual future performance. All investments made through the investor platform may result in partial or total loss. All fund performance information disclosed through the Investor Platform is presented prior to the removal of all management fees and expenses unless otherwise disclosed. Some of the statements made on the Investor Platform constitute forward-looking statements and should not be relied upon as predictors of future events. These statements may fail to account for both known and unknown risks, market or other uncertainty, changes in the economy as a whole, or changes outside of the control of the Operator.